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Cost Analysis: New Verizon Plans vs. T-Mobile



July 14, 2016



Earlier this month, Verizon rolled out an update to its rate plans, which got a lot of flak in the press, but also successfully lowered the price per gigabyte of mobile data for its customers. Lowering the cost of mobile data is definitely something the Wireless Butler endorses!

However, as soon as the buzz died down, T-Mobile struck back with its own promotional deal: four lines with six GB of data each for $120, or four lines with ten GB each for $160.

Let’s take a look at how the new Verizon plans stack up to T-Mobile plans on a cost-per-GB level:

(For the purposes of this graph, one-time Activation fees are not rolled into the cost per GB)

As you can plainly see, T-Mobile beats Verizon on the cost of mobile data regardless of whether or not a customer is on a T-Mo promo plan. T-mobile sweetened the deal by adding a phone freebie, albeit not a top-of-the-line device. Every new line gets a free Samsung Galaxy On5, up to 12 lines.

In characteristic fashion, T-Mo CEO John Legere added colorful commentary:  “This is our best deal ever – a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone on us! And this is a lifeline for the carriers’ long-abused customers, who have got to be sick of the rate hikes, the restrictions and the carrier BS.”

The new promo plans from T-Mobile are very compelling, especially if you have multiple lines on one bill. In fact, this is one of the best deals the Wireless Butler has seen. When you add in the other Un-Carrier incentives–Binge-On, Music Freedom, Free International Mobile Data, Hotspot Service, Data Rollover, T-Mobile Tuesdays–it’s hard to imagine a better offering.

Of course, cost per GB doesn’t matter if you don’t get good service in the area you work or live. Be sure to check a resource like Opensignal for detailed coverage information before making a decision to switch carriers.

When you’re ready to switch, contact the Wireless Butler!

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