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Ejecting from Verizon




March 21, 2016



You’ve been flying along on Verizon’s network, but it’s time to pull that ejector handle. Look out for Verizon’s complex ETF system. It can shoot you right down. We’ll try to explain it below.

November 14, 2014

Remember this date. It’s the date before and after which Verizon’s ETF fee structure gets even more complicated.

If your contract began before 11-14-14, you are or are almost out of contract. Your max ETF would have been $350 for a smartphone, but it has since been reduced by $10 for each month you completed in your service contract.

Beware 6 Months of Max ETF

Now, if your smart phone contract started ON or AFTER 11-14-14, your max ETF is $350, but it doesn’t begin to decline until after 6 months of service. At that point the ETF shrinks $10 per month through month 17, $20 for each of months 18-22, and $60 for month 23.

If you have a device like a hotspot or tablet, your ETFs should look more like:

Contract before 11-14-14: $175 Max ETF; declines $5 each month.

Contract after 11-14-14: $175 Max ETF; declines $5 per month starting in month 7-17, $10 months 18-22, and $30 month 23.


Wireless Butler

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