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Have a Smartphone/ iPhone on Verizon’s More Everything plan? You can save $5-$100



May 18, 2016



Did you buy a device or change your plan 1-2 years ago, and you’re on Verizon’s More Everything Plan? Well, I’ve had several folks send me their Verizon bill and almost every time, they’ve saved money by moving to The Verizon Plan.

Before you read any further, our goal is to be the world’s Wireless Butler. From app to article, info graph to widget, grandma’s bill to fighting a bad charge, we are the Wireless Butler , here to be a Butler to everyone’s Wireless needs.

The app that we’re developing isn’t available yet, so we offer free help to anyone that asks the Wireless Butler through!

Actually every single person that emailed me with the More Everything Plan was able to save money! Everyone except me, the Original Wireless Butler. How does an OG like me end up with the shortest straw? It’s because I don’t have a smartphone on that account, and the line access charges are cheaper with Verizon’s new plans (at least their Small, Medium and Large plans).

The Verizon Plan also gives more GB’s per dollar, which isn’t a bad thing.

4GB used to cost $60. For the same price you can get 6GB, and the Line Access charges are $20 if you’re financing your device monthly/ have no contract whatsoever. This Line Access Charge doubles to $40 if you’re under a service agreement. As a bonus prorated charges will be outweighed by the prorated credits and your first bill will be even lower than your new lower bill.

Here’s some examples of us saving money moving from More Everything to The Verizon Plan:

Our VP of Finance Mike Nice saved $25 a month by moving from 4GB to 6GB

Our President/ Co-Founder’s Dad saved $80 a month by moving from 15GB to 20GB

100% of the Verizon customers that emailed me at saved $100 a month by moving from 15GB to 18GB.

If you want to save money, email me today, or contact me on our Facebook page!

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