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Need to change the shipping address for the phone you just bought?

Ruh Roh

You bought your new phone online but you entered the wrong address. I know you'd love to blame the carriers confusing/ wrong website but ultimately you messed up. Get past that part because you have some work to do or you won't get your phone until next week. Also get a headset because you're going to be on the phone around 30 minutes.

What to do:

Sounds weird, but wait until you get shipping confirmation and then call customer service. Carriers have a very slim chance of getting the address change to the warehouse in time, even if you call within 10 minutes of placing the order. You don't want to waste 20 minutes talking to customer service. 

So now that you have your shipping confirmation to the wrong address, call your carrier and confess of your shipping address error, and you need to change the shipping address. Don't put the pressure on yet, be nice. Your carrier will need to fill out a form with the shipping company (usually fedex or UPS). If they don't say they are filling out a form with their shipping company they are not changing your shipping address. This is where you put the pressure on: The carrier must fill out this form with their shipping company!

You'll be hold for 10-15 minutes and they'll be done with the form, promise you it's fixed, and you can hang up. The shipping carrier will not share the new/ rerouted tracking number for security reasons. If you want the new tracking number you'll have to visit the shipping carriers location and show ID. But don't even do that, you're going to get your phone within 24 hours.

The next day or so you'll get another email saying the phone was delivered to the wrong shipping address. Don't freak out, your phone is still coming to the right address today. That's just the carrier sharing the old tracking information. If you can't stand the suspense, call your carrier again and ask them to call the shipping company for confirmation of address change. You'll get your phone within 3 hours of that call, so my advice is to NOT call just sit tight. As long as the carrier filled out the shipping form your phone is coming today.

Sure there are 'pitfalls' that messed up your shipping address. Like someone bought your new phone through your carriers online portal (see smartphone gift article here), but you can still get your phone on the expected delivery date.

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