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No90: Verizon Admits it Overhyped Go90



May 25, 2016


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Try as it may, Verizon just can’t seem to cultivate the cache of cool it so desperately desires. Big Red is clearly the Carrier to T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier. Late last year, Verizon invested heavily into its Go90 content delivery app. It was impossible not to see the billboards and bus stops emblazoned with Go90 marketing in the months that followed. Verizon went full hype cycle, but Go90 has yet to catch on like T-Mobile’s Binge On offering.

Now, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is admitting what many in the industry already knew: that Go90 was “overhyped.” The comment from McAdam came during an investor conference on Tuesday. A reader comment posted in an article about the conference sums up Go90:

“This service just seems like a bunch of out of touch adults trying too hard to touch base with the younger crowd.”


Check out what reviewers are saying about Go90 in the App Store:

But there’s more! Go90 is really a data grab. Besides being a clunky app with a featherweight content catalog, it’s a service designed to eat into your mobile data allotment. Even when you’re watching “free” video on Go90, anytime you share a clip (something that is highly encouraged–see below) it counts against your data cap. Wireless Butler published an article about such “data scavenging” last week.

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