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Saying Goodbye to Sprint and Paying for It




March 12, 2016



Some folks just don’t handle break ups well. Take Sprint for instance. Remember to avoid these pitfalls that can end in a bad break up when you’re thinking about canceling Sprint service.

Beware the ETF: If you are under contract with Sprint and want to cancel, you’ll be charged with an Early Termination Fee (ETF) up to $350 per line for Smartphones and $200 per line for other kinds of devices.

ETFs are calculated by taking the number of month remaining on your contract and multiplying it by a dollar figure – $20 for smartphones, $10 for other types of devices. The maximum ETF for a Smartphone subscriber is $350; minimum $100. For other devices the max ETF is $200 and minimum $50.

Can’t Walk Out on a Lease: If you leased your device from Sprint, your remaining lease payments will be due immediately upon cancellation. You will also have to return or purchase your device out of pocket.

Easy Pay Isn’t So Easy: If you’re a Sprint Easy Pay customer – which means you financed your device and pay installments – you will be charged the remaining balance on your devices upon cancellation.


Wireless Butler

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