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Smart Phones Can’t Jump




March 3, 2016



Despite market saturation, new models of smartphones and tablets hit the streets faster and faster each year, it seems. Four months after smartphone sX4 drops, the sX5 comes to market. This phenomena has been lampooned by Saturday Night Live and Key and Peele, but the fact remains: people want shiny new things. Enter early upgrade programs from wireless carriers. It works like this: pay a monthly fee, and upgrade your device every few months. It’s similar to a lease–you just keep paying and paying.

Let’s take T-Mobile’s JUMP! program, for example. The original JUMP! program has a monthly cost of $10 and only applies to financed devices. Under JUMP!, a customer is required to trade-in a current device and is eligible for upgrade after paying off 50% of a financed device. This adds up quickly, so T-Mobile brought out JUMP! On Demand, which promises to do away with the program costs. However, JUMP! On Demand only applies to the latest (read: most expensive) smartphones (no tablets), and doesn’t include handset protection, i.e. insurance, or mobile security. These features are freebies included in JUMP!, making JUMP! On Demand actually $2 more expensive per month.

Everyone wants a good deal on a new device, but there’s one problem: smart phones can’t jump. In fact, early device upgrade programs are often just another way carriers can inflate your bill.

Be sure to read the fine print and every single asterisk when reviewing any new promotion from a wireless carrier. Very often what looks like a carrot may actually be a stick. And if you don’t the have time to parse every 6pt. sentence, don’t worry–Wireless Butler can do the work for you!


Wireless Butler

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