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T-Mobile Unveils Um…Carrier 11: UnHealthy



June 6, 2016


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T-Mobile is doing something no other carrier has imagined: pumping 79 billion* calories of junk food into its customers stomachs for free each week. Yes, that’s right, nothing says wireless like Domino’s pizza and a Wendy’s frosty!

The master of magenta, T-Mo CEO John Legere, announced the new “thank you” program as part of UnCarrier 11 today. Although Mr. Legere is fond of shooting Rocky-inspired videos and clips of his jogging exploits, his company is thanking customers with fatty pizzas and movies instead of running shoes and smoothies. Maybe this is all part of a Um…Carrier 12: the FitBit challenge?

What does 79 billion calories look like, and what kind of impact will this have on the overall health of T-Mobile customers? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s breakdown of Um…Carrier 11!

*Each Tuesday, T-Mobile gives its 30 million post-paid subscribers a free two-topping medium pizza from Domino’s (avg 1,960 calories for a hand-tossed pepperoni and black olive pizza), a small frosty from Wendy’s (340 calories). 

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