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Watch Out for $15 Overage Fees!




April 4, 2016



Finding an overage fee on your wireless bill is not unlike being punched in the stomach. Repeatedly. By a boxer.

Consumers have complained and some carriers have implemented solutions to reduce the chatter. Verizon, for example, sends its customers an email when specified data limits are reached.

However, a recent article in Money uncovered a wrinkle in the plan: the data warning email from Verizon counts against a customer’s mobile data cap. This means that the notification email sent to a customer who has reached 100% of her mobile data limit will trigger a $15 overage charge! That’s a pricey email.

Our advice? Don’t wait for your carrier to clue you in. Your phone might already have a mobile data tracking app built in; if it does, use it! If not, you can download numerous free apps that will alert you directly on your device when you’re eating too much data, and this solution won’t cost you $15!


Wireless Butler

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