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What Are Prorated Charges?



June 1, 2016



Wireless bills can be confusing, especially when you change plans with your carrier, or when your carrier makes changes to the way it bills its customers. One type of fee you may encounter on your bill is a “prorated charge.”

Prorated charges are service charges that only apply to part of a month in a billing cycle. They are typical on a partial month first bill; on the first bill after making a plan change, or in cases where the carrier chooses to change your bill cycle date.

Data allotments also can be prorated. For this reason, don’t get caught going over your usage in the middle of a month in which you reduce your data allotment!

If you changed your plan to a lower tier then you will see prorated charges and prorated credits on your bill; AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile won’t let you backdate changes to a plan unless you’re moving to a higher-tiered plan. Sprint simply won’t backdate any changes for you.

If you have questions about prorated charges or other fees that show up on your bill unexpectedly, feel free to email the Wireless Butler or reach out on our Facebook page.

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