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What is Data Scavenging?



May 19, 2016



You may think that “zero-rated” incentives from your carrier don’t count against your mobile data allowance, but that’s not always the case. Within free streaming programs like Binge On! or Go90, the carriers “scavenge” your data allowance. For example, video ads count against your data allowance with T-Mobile, while Verizon’s Go90 encourages you to clip and share video, but this data-using activity isn’t covered by Go90’s freebie clause. Verizon scavenges your data allowance when you share video clips!

T-MobileWhen you see video ads – TV commercials – while using T-Mobile’s Binge On app, those ads are scavenging from your data bucket. We made a video that uncovers how T-Mobile bites into your bucket while you Binge On.

VerizonGo90 wants to be cool but they’re scavenging data from your monthly allowance. Sure you get free streaming videos, but one of Go90’s main “feature” is cutting and sharing clips. If you share a clip, that’s on your data limit. From Verizon: “…browsing or searching for shows, posting comments, sharing clips and viewing settings will incur data usage charges.”.

Wireless Butler to the Rescue

If you are tired of seeing your data disappear faster than you’d like, and are sick of the tricks your current carrier is pulling, we’re here to help. Email the Wireless Butler for personal assistance in finding the best plan for you at the best price, or drop us a line on our Facebook page!

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