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Your “Unlimited” Plan from T-Mobile is Um… Limited



May 5, 2016


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Want to re-experience the glory days of dial-up data? Just hop on a so-called “unlimited” data plan and hit your high-speed data allotment. Before you know it, it’s like AOL all over again: “You’ve Got Fail!”

T-Mobile offers an example of what carriers aren’t telling you about their so-called unlimited data plans. When you reach your high-speed mobile data limit on T-Mobile, you are downshifted to dial-up speeds (128Kbps). By way of comparison, that’s about 150 TIMES SLOWER than 4G LTE speeds! Even if you pay for the top-tier “unlimited” plan from T-Mobile, you can take a trip down dial-up lane by hitting 25GB of usage.

If you enjoy waiting for videos to buffer and web pages to load, then congratulations, you have somehow broken free of the constraints of time and are perhaps a yogi to boot. But if you think this kind of tactic is sneaky, let us know on our Facebook page, or contact us via emailWireless Butler is here to help you get the wireless service you need at the best price possible!

Video Production courtesy of Greg Urban, the Original Wireless Butler

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